We’ve come together to serve one common goal: improving the oil sands industry’s responsible development of Alberta’s bitumen resource. vision is to achieve world-class environmental, social and economic performance in developing Canada’s oil sands resource. Together, we’ll build innovative solutions to our mutual challenges.

collaborative approach

"There are currently challenges with the oil sands resource and is dealing directly with both the environmental and the social challenges to really ensure that in extracting energy and providing it to the world, we are at the same time making the world a better place."

John LeGrow, ConocoPhillips Canada

For, collaboration is about inclusiveness, with and oil sands companies, and with research institutes and universities throughout the world. We seek solutions. And we’re using a number of different approaches to encourage out-of-the-box thinking, and access new and innovative ideas from diverse companies and individuals throughout the world.


is a collaborative network of companies operating in the Canadian oil sands. Each company develops its assets individually, but works collaboratively to achieve significant improvements in key performance areas: environmental sustainability, social well-being and economic viability. To formalize this approach, in April 2010 ConocoPhillips Canada, Nexen Inc., Statoil Canada, Suncor Energy Inc. and Total E&P Canada Ltd. signed the Charter, agreeing to work collaboratively on non-competitive issues, and share research and best practices. Shell Canada joined in 2011.

The initiative is founded on a common understanding among members of the need to work together to meet the challenges of responsible development.